2,1 km
Sound installation, 2012
Video documentation, Karlsplatz Vienna

"[...] in fact, one of my most vivid childhood memories was my astonishment at how you could see the Vienna River (Wienfluss) turn red, then green, then finally blue again in the space of a few hours depending on what coloured textiles the dyer happened to be washing in the river at the time." (Martin Paul, 1915)

The sound installation 2.1 km deals with the Vienna River (Wienfluss) channeled underneath the Viennese square, Karlsplatz. The above mentioned quote about Karlsplatz, sourced from archives, can be heard playing out of a sewer grate. Embedded in the ground, the sound refers to the river’s existence below, confuses the listeners and provokes them to think about the content of the installation - the sinking of an urban space as well as the disappearance of a historically significant place.