One minute of arc
Sound installation, 2016
Steel, bone conductors, amplifier, mediaplayer
150x200x50 cm

The installation One minute of arc was developed during an artist-in-residence stay in Turku, Finland. It shows captured forms and sounds found in Turku's surroundings and further deals with the so called bone conduction: A technique that allows to hear a sound directly conducted to the inner ear through the bones. Hereby, human bones serve as “sound transmitter”. If certain materials are oscillated by transducers converting electric signals into mechanical vibrations the human body can perceive a sound when getting the skull in touch with the oscillating material.

One minute of arc incorporates this technique and combines the immaterial with site-specific sculptural forms. Abstract metal steel plates and bars, referring to Turku's importance in shipbuilding and navigation are used as sculptural elements in the space. Originating from ships the materials reveal an unknown history and traces of use and indicate movements as well as perambulated journeys. The visitors are invited to approach the works and interact with the installation by leaning their heads against the oscillating material. In doing so, they perceive a certain sound composition that refers to the use and origin of the material itself.