Point fixe
Light installation, 2017
Intervention in public space
Acrylic glass, acrylic paint, aluminum, LED stripes, battery, wires
130x40x5 cm

Point fixe is an intervention in public space, dealing with control systems in urban space.
Created during an artist-in-residency stay in Montpellier, the work directly refers to the city and its urban appearance by taking up the formal characteristic of certain signposts, translating them into a light installation. This characteristic, a coated backside reminding of a code, can be found all over the city, but rests, due to its position, mostly invisible. Point fixe inverts this invisibility in spotlighting the backside, turning it into a new information. Reconstructed as an illuminated sign and placed on the original signpost, the information on the back becomes a visible, communicating message, which, however, remains undecipherable.