A matter of time
Light installation, 2017
Steel, LED-light, motor, micro controller, DC-DC converter, transistor, power supply, cable
190x135 cm

The light installation A matter of time explores the topic of time and its measurability. It addresses our time system based on the rotation of celestial bodies, which organizes and structures our everyday into exact units of time. It focuses on the immaterial phenomenon of light, which forms the departure point of a conceptual approach to the relationship between the solar system and time and refers self-referentially to its underlying materiality.
The work consists of a minimalist geometric form and a light channel. The light channel is mounted on the sculptural form by means of a motor and a wire rope sheave and is digitally triggered by an interface. Analogous to the rotation of the solar system around its centre (also called galactic year), the light channel rotates 360 degrees around the sculpture within 225 million years - a movement that can only be comprehended in a mental but never in a real way.
A matter of time questions the time system, juxtaposing it with the individual perception of time. With its inherent but invisible movement the work reveals a current state and can evoke thoughts about time, individual perceptions of time and space or global developments in the present and the future.