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Miriam Hamann currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Oscillating between sculptural and installational works, she investigates the question of how our reality is structured. What shapes our reality and our environment? Which systems of units have we imposed on ourselves and which scientific findings bring us closer to an understanding of the world? Based on these questions, the artist’s work often relates to scientific, physical and technological observations and phenomena that try to structure our reality. Central topics are mathematical and physical basics, the standardized units such as the second or the meter, geodesy or astronomy. In some of her recent works, for example, she reflects on time and its measurability, questionning its effects on our reality, its normativity and linearity as well as the philosophical understanding of the concept of time. In addition to her interest in natural science and to the question of how scientific findings can be included in artistic processes, Miriam Hamann also focuses on those small and subtle things that shape our reality and environment but often go unnoticed. In particular she pays attention to the urban space, its appearance and its characteristics. What materials define the urban space? Which sculptural qualities can be found in everyday objects, which immaterial materials shape our everyday life? In her mostly large-format and conceptual works, the artist concentrates on the quiet, the unnoticed and the subtle, putting it in a new context. At the same time, she addresses and questions those seemingly superordinate structures and truths that shape our daily lives and our reality.


Instagram: @miriam__hamann