Artist's book: Not every minute contains 60 seconds
Bookwork, 2017
Paper, cardboard, digital print, open stitch binding
Size: 20x27 cm, 204 pages
Limited and signed edition of 30

The artist's book Not every minute contains 60 seconds is an extension of the same-named screen printed series. Referring to time and its measurability it explores the system of time focusing on units of measurements. In the form of a book, abstract graphic representations show the complete number of seconds of a common year. Using the smallest possible rasterization, Not every minute contains 60 seconds investigates the precisely defined SI second as well as the leap second used for the synchronization of coordinated world time and mean solar time.

As the Earth is constantly undergoing a deceleration, the atomic time will slowly drift apart from the mean solar time. In order to balance the occurring difference, a leap second is added to the clocks every now and then. Consisting out of 31536000 printed dots Not every minute contains 60 seconds is a graphical approach to this phenomena, showing the exact amount of seconds of a common year on 204 pages. The leap second – represented as a single dot on the print sheet – becomes a barely visible element referring to the second as the standardized unit within our system of measurement.