Les lumières de la ville brillent encore
Light installation, 2018
Aluminium, fluorescent tubes, LED tubes, conventional ballasts, cables, arduino, relais
180x180x10 cm

This site-specific work was realized during an Artist-in-Residency stay in France. It consists of an old billboard, found in an industrial area in the city of Montpellier. The artist, inspired by the urban and industrial surroundings, de-installed the board from its original place in order to revive and transform it into something new. Analogous to its original function as an advertising, the board was rebuilt and some of the fluorescent tubes were triggered by digital devices in order to send a morse code message. The coded and sent phrase “Les lumières de la ville brillent encore” (“The lights of the city are still shining”), a quote from francophone writer t'Serstevens, refers to the board itself – something that seemed to be broken actually still works – but can also be seen as a reference to future changes of urban and technological structures. After its transformation, the board was remounted on the wall, now flashing and repeating the coded message.