Steel, oscillating
Sound installation, 2015
Steel, bone conductors, amplifier, Raspberry Pi, cables
Dimensions variable

The work steel, oscillating deals with the bone conduction technique, where human bones serve as “sound transmitter”.

Flat bars out of steel, normally needed as construction material, are used as sculptural elements in the space. They are positioned in a certain way and give the impression of a silent, soundless installation. Because of their arrangement the objects become graphic lines and form architectural elements. But the installation is not a silent one. By built-in bone conductors the flat bars are vibrating – not yet hearable by the visitors. The visitors are invited to approach the bars and interact with the installation by leaning their heads against the oscillating material. In doing so they perceive a certain sound composition that refers to the vibrating resonance of metal. By positioning his body in the space the visitor is able to interfere and interact with the installation and thus the hearing process becomes an active and performative element as well as something individually sensible and perceptible.