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3’2,2 m³

3’2,2 m³, sound installation, galvanised steel, fans, arduino interface, relais, dimensions variable, 2014

The work 3’2,2 m³ is the result of an investigation into the sculptural presence of everyday objects and the function of sound as immaterial material. At first sight the objects formed from ventilation shafts evoke the impression of a purely sculptural and static work. However, excess pressure flaps have been built into the individual ventilation ducts, and ventilators control the movement of their fins. The movement varies and is employed as in a composition.
In addition to the de- and recontextualisation of everyday objects also the immaterial plays a role in 3’2,2 m³. Sound as an immaterial material is uncoupled from its environment and from its original function, becoming a building block for the creation of new architectures and spatial perceptions.