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40° Nord, 30° Süd

40° Nord, 30° Süd, light installation, light bulbs, sockets, arduino interfaces, dimmer, dimensions variable, 2015

Artificial light plays an indispensable role in our life. It constantly surrounds us, has a huge impact on the circadian rhythm, but both its presence and its effect often remain unnoticed. The installation 40°North, 30°South deals with the artificial light conditions on Earth. It consists of a large number of light bulbs that are arranged on the floor and controlled by digital programming. Like an oscilloscope, the installation reproduces satellite-based values of light intensity along the latitudes 40N and 30S. As in an accessible diagram, the abstract measured values can be experienced immediately due to the varying brightness of the light. The changing brightness thus generate a formal and dynamic installation that conceptually relates to and materially consists of the medium of light.