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Dark room

Dark room, light installation, metal construction, steel cables, LED light strips, interface, electronics, 400×460cm, commissioned art work for the OK Klubinstitut in the OÖ Kulturquartier, 2019, photo I: Gregor Graf

Dark room is a site specific light installation realized for the OK Center for Contemporary Art Linz. With its formal structure the installation directly refers to the architecture of the exhibition space, contrasting the existing rectangular architecture with a geometrically round figure. The use of digital controlling actively intervenes in the appearance of the outward shining light, creating a rotary movement as well as an immaterial interior space. It becomes a dark room, an invisible volume only defined by its non-lighting. While the invisible and unknown forms the interior that cannot be physically experienced, the position and size of the cylinder’s visibility also remain partial. The digital programming of the light plays with this partial perception as well as with the idea and conception of an organic corporality in addition to or despite the technical characteristics of the installation.