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Les lumières de la ville brillent encore

Les lumières de la ville brillent encore, light installation, aluminum, fluorescent tubes, LED tubes, conventional ballasts, cables, arduino, relais, 180×180×10 cm, 2018

Les lumières de la ville brillent encore is a site-specific light installation. It was created during an artist-in-residence stay in Montpellier and picks up on an old billboard sign in an industrial area of Montpellier, transforming it into a temporary light sculpture.
Like an artistic intervention, the illuminated panel was dismantled, revived and redesigned to be returned to its original location. Referring to its actual function, the billboard was transformed into a light signal, sending out a certain message in Morse code with the help of a digital controller.
The sent sentence Les lumières de la ville brilliant encore” (en. The lights of the city are still shining”) is a quote from a French writer. It refers to the revitalized panel itself, as well as to possible future changes in urban and technological structures.