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Not every minute contains 60 seconds

Not every minute contains 60 seconds, hand-pulled srceenprints, 100×70 cm each, 2017

Referring to time and its measurability the installation Not every minute contains 60 seconds explores the system of time focusing on units of measurements.
In the form of an abstract graphic representation Not every minute contains 60 seconds investigates the precisely defined SI second as well as the leap second used for the synchronisation of coordinated world time and mean solar time. Analogous to the extact amount of seconds of a common year it shows 31536000 dots, printed in the smallest possible rasterization of the screen printing technique. Seemingly monochrome fields reveal this rasterization only upon closer inspection.
The leap second as a single dot remains as a barely visible element and relates to the standardization of our time system, to precise measurement methods and the rotation of the Earth as the basis of our time determination.