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Ohne Schritt

Ohne Schritt, sculpture, concrete, 122 multiples, dimensions variable, 2012

The work Ohne Schritt shows abstract forms of the human foot, reproduced several times. The material concrete stands in contrast to the fragile structure of the human foot and at the same time alludes to its power and strength. The arrangement of the pairs of feet in space reflects the themes of mass and effect: in physics, mass describes the resistance that a body of matter opposes to a change in its speed or position when subjected to a force. In sociology, a mass is defined as a large, spatially connected group of people. Both concepts – the physical in the sense of the terms heavy and light, as well as repetition and series in the sense of a large number and their effect – are addressed in Ohne Schritt. At the same time, despite its static structure, the installation evokes the idea of movement.