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One minute of arc

One minute of arc, sound installation, steel, bone conductors, amplifier, mediaplayer, 150×200×50 cm, 2016

The installation One minute of arc was realized during an artist-in-residence stay in Turku, Finland. Based on the location and history of the city, the work integrates sitespecific materials taken from the citys urban environment and combines them with a special sound technology – a technique that allows to hear a sound directly conducted to the inner ear through the bones.
One minute of arc consists of sculptural elements that refer to the historical and current importance of the city of Turku in shipbuilding. Originally used as construction elements for ships, the materials show discoloration and deformations and thus tell a certain story. They show traces of use and movement as well as traces of past journeys. The title, which reflects the definition of a nautical mile, and the perceivable sound also refer to these journeys. The sound itself is generated from noises of movement at sea and thus relates to the origin and use of the materials of the installation.