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Passing through the Earth’s surface

Passing through the Earth’s surface, light installation, neon, coated steel, transformer, 90×60 / 90×75 cm, 2021

Passing through the Earth’s surface takes up spherical geometry and its relation to cartography. The work deals with cartographic possibilities of mapping the Earth and their formal manifestations. Along with the desire for precise position determination and the developments in the measurement of the Earth’s surface, the methods of transforming the three-dimensional globe into a two-dimensional map have been refined. The installation Passing through the Earth’s surface examines the representability of the globe on a flat surface. It takes up different axes resulting from map projection methods and connects them with a constant light element. In addition to referring to mathematical principles from geometry and trigonometry, the installation also addresses the desire for an exact representation of the Earth as well as the mathematical impossibility of this task.