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Pendulum, 8‑channel sound installation, wood, speakers, audio amplifier, audio interface, dimensions variable, 2013

Pendulum deals with the motion of swinging and the noise and feeling it creates. With the help of special head microphones, the sounds produced while swinging are recorded and integrated into a sound installation. The installation itself consists of several loudspeakers arranged in a U‑shape, allowing the sound to move from one speaker to the next – analogous to the rocking motion. This creates a feeling of movement or being moved in spite of the static spatial environment.
Pendulum creates an architecture that is generated from acoustic signals and goes beyond the classic architectural possibilities of space. The immaterial and at the same time sculptural work makes it possible to perceive sound as a physical experience and to generate the feeling of a typical movement of the outside in the interior. The narrow, bodyrelated space, reinforces both the sensory impression of movement and its subjectification.