Ohne Titel
Sound installation, 2012
Wood, cables, audio amplifier, audio interface
Dimensions variable

Several extension cords are hanging from the ceiling in symmetrical arrangement. Various sound fragments are heard playing from above, taken from recordings of day-to-day use of the cables. Microphones, built into some of the cords’ sockets, record the sound material being played and then loop it back via built-in loudspeakers, meaning the extension cords function not only as a sound generator but also as a source of sound. In this way, an autarkic sound pattern is created.

Through its deconstruction, the plug connection is freed from its purely functional context and is morphed into a new form, namely, a composition. Thus, those elements of our daily life that are barely, or no longer consciously, perceived take on a new meaning. The walk-through installation enables the recipient to take up different positions underneath the sockets, and by moving around the space, different acoustic experiences are gained and, in part, also created. In creating a certain kind of symphony, the recordings and the live sound result in a diffuse acoustic pattern that re-contextualises and abstracts daily experience.